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Book Fair in Bogota Remembers Gabriel García Márquez

Bogota’s immense book fair, FILBO, will be showing their love for their favorite Colombian author, Gabriel García Márquez. Every year, FILBO features a country and shows off the best of its literary talent, and this year the country they invited is…Macondo. For those of you whose literary tendencies run mainly to books originally published in English, you might be saying to yourselves, “Mac what?”

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Tipping in South America

Tipping in South America is not as common as in the United States. In South America, people can begrudge that percentage, and tend to take service for granted. In order for waiters to get their wages, in some countries restaurants will add a 10% tip to the bill, automatically, without your being able to do anything about it. Good or bad service, the waiter will get his share. What does all this mean for you when you have a meal out in Colombia?

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