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Finding Gold in La Candelaria, Bogota

I bend down to get a closer look. Incredible. The gold threads were intricately woven together to form a raft, and standing on top of it was the shining figure of El Dorado, as the Spanish would later call him, in full tribal glory. With the museum lights directed in clever ways, the raft seemed to glow and the importance of centuries-old ceremonies struck me.

The El Dorado legend began on Lake Guatavita in the mountains surrounding Bogota, Colombia, and sparked the imagination of people around the world. I was also drawn to Bogota in search of treasure; hoping, in the beauty of emeralds and the sparkle of gold, to find inspiration.

I was on my own treasure hunt.

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Kitchen Talk: Mikel Garaizabal Pildain

Mikel Garaizabal Pildain is a busy man. An expert sommelier, since 1996 he’s given more than 800 wine tastings around the world. He’s a teacher, enologist, TV and radio personality and award-winning book author.

While he was visiting Bogota in November of 2013 I had the chance to talk with him and get his thoughts about wine and wine culture in Colombia.

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